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The Crystal Ballroom OceanWalk

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Destination Wedding at Ocean Walk

A couple encapsulated by a beautiful sunset in Daytona Beach, Florida

Beautiful Location And Venue

Daytona Beach, Florida serves as an exquisite location for weddings due to its natural beauty and scenic charm. The pristine beaches, with their soft sands and breathtaking sunsets, create a romantic backdrop that is perfect for exchanging vows. Couples can enjoy the serene ambiance of the beach, with the soothing sound of waves in the background, making it a memorable and picturesque setting for their special day. Additionally, Daytona offers a range of amenities and activities for guests, from luxurious resorts to seaside dining, ensuring a delightful experience for all.

At our venue along The Worlds Most Famous Beach we strive to enhance the natural beauty of the location and create a magical atmosphere for couples celebrating their love. Our experienced team of destination wedding planners and designers works closely with each couple to bring their vision to life, whether it's a ocean view ceremony, an elegant ballroom affair, or a combination of both. We understand the importance of every detail, from the décor to the layout, to ensure that the venue complements the couple's style and enhances the overall beauty of their special day. With our personalized services and attention to detail, we aim to make every event at our location a truly unforgettable and stunning experience.

A Bride and groom in loving embrace destination wedding

Convenient Travel

Inviting loved ones and friends to a vacation style wedding in Florida, particularly in Daytona, offers a convenient and enjoyable travel experience. Our location boasts proximity to major airports and resorts, making it easy for guests to arrive and settle in comfortably. The convenience of nearby airports means less travel time and hassle for guests, allowing them to focus more on celebrating the special occasion.

Moreover, Daytona Beach is not just about weddings; it's also a vibrant destination with a plethora of attractions and activities for guests to enjoy during their stay. From world-renowned beaches and water sports to cultural events, shopping, dining, and nightlife, there's something for everyone to explore and indulge in. Guests can extend their visit to Florida and turn it into a memorable vacation filled with sunshine, relaxation, and exciting experiences.

With Crystal Ballroom Ocean Walk, guests not only get to witness a beautiful ceremony but also get to immerse themselves in the charm and excitement of the area. They can make the most of their trip by exploring nearby attractions, enjoying the local cuisine, and creating unforgettable memories in one of the most picturesque and vibrant regions of Central Florida.

Ceremony and Reception

Hosting both the ceremony and reception in the same venue offers unparalleled convenience and a seamless transition from the solemnity of the ceremony to the joyous celebration of the reception. At our venue, couples and their guests experience a cohesive and efficient flow of events without the need to travel between locations. This not only saves time but also ensures that every moment of the day is maximized for enjoyment and celebration.

Our venue is designed to cater to both the intimate and festive aspects of a wedding. From the serene ambiance of the ceremony space, where couples exchange vows and unite in love, to the elegant reception area, where guests can indulge in delectable cuisine and dance the night away, we provide a complete and fulfilling experience. The seamless transition from the heartfelt ceremony to the lively reception allows everyone to fully immerse themselves in the celebration without any interruptions, creating lasting memories of joy and togetherness.

Beautiful table set decor.

Decor And Atmosphere

At our venue, the decor and atmosphere are meticulously curated to resonate with greatness, love, and luxury, enveloping every guest in an enchanting experience. From the moment guests step into our beautifully adorned space, they are transported into a world of elegance and charm.

The carefully selected decor elements, from exquisite furnishings to stunning floral arrangements, are designed to create a romantic and sophisticated ambiance. Every detail, from the lighting to the choice of colors, is thoughtfully arranged to enhance the overall atmosphere of love and celebration. Our venue is a start of a new chapter where couples can live out their love story, surrounded by opulence and grace.

A couple embraced on a shoreline


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